Poultry Farming

Every Poultry Farm has its own unique combinations of breed, housing, climate and management. Furthermore, every business has its own objectives. Well-balanced rations are absolutely essential if each flock is to achieve maximum yield.

Day Old Chicks

The first week of life is crucial for the further development of your broilers and layers. That is why we have galdus prestarter, galdus is a highly nutritious 2.2mm micro pellet prestarter for broilers and layers, with powerful innovative but purely natural characteristics to stimulate the bird's strong early development. The prestarter feed is easy to eat and digest for the chicks, assuring a vigorous start to their growth.
  • Stimulates string early development
  • Easy to digest
  • Higher weight, immunity, flock uniformity and lower fcr at slaughter weight.


Modern broiler breeds ca grow more than 55grams per day under optimal conditions. Broiler production focussess on lowering production costs and increasing added value. Improving technical results and reducing feed costs are the primary methods of lowering production costs.
  • High feed efficiency
  • Better intestinal health
  • High liveability
  • Better meat quality


As a modern egg producer, you aim for high quality eggs that serve your customers' needs. Under optimal conditions, a modern layer produces over 95% during peak production. This means more than 310eggs per hen over a 76-week period
  • Better egg quality and taste
  • Sustanable and persistent production
  • Higher revenue due to optimal technical results