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Rearing Calves

Rearing young dairy animals is an important job on the farm. Do this successfully and it will be a strong foundation for future results. To achieve an optimal and healthy growth rate, the calves should be given the right kind of care and nutrition.
Instructions for milk preparation on milk replacer
  1. Rinse and clean buckets and treat buckets before use.
  2. Check on the feeding table how much milk to prepare
  3. Weight the correct quantity of koudalac (150gram per litre of water. Look on the bag's label for more details)
  4. Warm up the water to 45-50 Degrees Celicius, but never over 70 Degrees(use a thermometer)
  5. Add, little by little, the powdered koudalac until the correct concentration is attained.
  6. Mix the milk thoroughly(stir at least 30seconds)
  7. Pour the milk in the bucket at least 42Degrees Celicius, so the temperature of the milk is correct

  • Sustainable dairy cows
  • Higher lifetime production
  • Lower rearing costs

Dairy Cows

As a dairy farmer, you want the best results, the highest quality and improved performance. we have the knowledge and the feed solutions available to help you reach those goals.
  • Better Performing cows during lactation phase
  • Fewer immunity problems
  • Healthier calves

Beef Cattle

To develop the best feeding solution, locally available raw materials and their prices are taken into account.
  • More intramuscular fat, so tender, tasty meat.
  • Higher growth per day
  • Higher vitality